House Rules

House Rules

Dedicated to the enjoyment and security of our players, Breakout Poker strives to maintain a safe, fair and friendly gaming environment. Ethical gaming practices and proper etiquette are our highest priority. In order to uphold these strict principles and the integrity of our games, Breakout Poker has established several House Rules. All players are expected and required to adhere to these standards, policies and practices:

Minors Prohibited Policy

Breakout Poker is intended for the gaming entertainment of responsible, consenting adults. Minors are strictly prohibited from playing at Breakout Poker. Minors found playing at Breakout Poker will be permanently banned.

Multi-hand Policy

Breakout Poker allows players to actively play at a maximum of four tables at the same time.

This includes tournament table too.

Posting Policy

A player joining a Breakout Poker table is required to pay an initial fee, equal to that table’s Lower Limit Stake. The Post follows the same rules as the Blind (Initial mandatory Bets, placed in the Pot by the first two players to the left of the Dealer in games of Hold’em and Omaha Poker) Bets and allows the player to Sit-In at the table.

Players have the option of “Sitting-out” and waiting for the Big Blind before beginning to play. Posting ensure fairness to all players, by preventing players from entering a Poker game in a “Late Position” in order to avoid placing Blind Bets.

Missed Blind Bets Policy

Occasionally, a player may choose to temporarily Sit-out from a table:

  1. If, while Sitting-out, the player misses their turn to place the Small Blind, upon re-Sitting-in that player will be required to Post. This Post consists of a “Live (active) Bet”, equal to the Big Blind.
  2. If, while Sitting-out, the player misses their turn to place both the Small Blind and the Big Blind, upon re-Sitting-in that player will be required to Post. This Post consists of a live Bet, equal to the Big Blind, plus an additional “Dead (non-active) Bet”, equal to the Small Blind, which is “donated” by the player directly to the Pot.

Tie Hands Policy

In the event that two or more active players, participating in the poker hand’s Showdown, hold equal ranking (by combination) hands, the winner is determined by the High Card (i.e. a Pair of Aces beats a Pair of Kings).

Should the poker hands remain tied (i.e. a Pair of Kings vs. a Pair of Kings), the highest ranking (valued) card, not held in common (the “Kicker”), determines the hand’s winner.

In the event of exact ties in poker hand ranking, between two or more active players, the table’s pot (the accumulated amount of Chips in the centre of the Table, being contested by the Active Players in the Hand) will be split evenly between those players.

Play Time Limit Policy

In both regular table games and tournaments, Breakout Poker players must act within a reasonable time limit that varies per table, set by the software. This is enforced in an effort to maintain a reasonable speed of game play. Players who fail to act within the time limit will have hand automatically folded. The player will forfeit the amount (if any) that he/she has previously wagered during that hand.

Time Bank Policy

During gameplay, if Breakout Poker players need extra time for any reason, they can get it by clicking on the “Time Bank” button. The time bank will give players extra time to complete their actions. Players who fail to act before the time bank is exhausted will automatically fold their hand.

Rake Policy

As host, Breakout Poker applies a Commission Charge (“Rake”) to each Poker hand’s Pot. To view Breakout Poker’s Rake Schedules, please see the Game Rules in Poker section of this site.

Non-Collusion Policy

Collusion happens between two or more players. It can be defined as a strategy intended to achieve an undue advantage over the other players at the table. We have developed a Collusion prevention system to detect such players and ban them from the site. This sophisticated system is developed on a high-level technological platform and works using a combined set of algorithms, permutations and combinations. We have further modified our systems to filter the players who collude and identify them so that appropriate action can be taken against them. Collusion will not be tolerated at Breakout Poker.

Fair Play Policy

Fair and ethical Poker play is expected and required of our players. Players found to be conducting play in an unethical manner, or not adhering to stated or unstated rules of play, will have their winnings confiscated, their membership cancelled and will be permanently banned from accessing Breakout Poker in the future.

Tournament Policy

Breakout Poker will, at all times, consider the best interests of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can, on occasion, dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules.

All tournaments will begin promptly at the scheduled time stated in the Tournament Lobby. Breakout Poker reserves the right to delay or cancel a tournament without prior notice.

Seats are assigned at random. Seat changes are not permitted unless otherwise assigned by the software. The button will be positioned at Seat 1 to start play. Prizes will be awarded as stated in the tournament lobby, except when a deal is made or the tournament is cancelled. Which prize structure is used depends on several factors including the number of entrants and the number of players per table. The prize structure is not finalized until registration has closed and the rebuy and/or add-on period is over.

In order to be eligible to rebuy in a rebuy tournament, you must have the funds available in your account. Late Registration is available in most tournaments. The length of the late registration period varies, but will always be shown in the tournament lobby. Late registration will close early if enough players are eliminated to begin payouts.

Most tournaments allow un-registration until a few minutes before the event begins. The exact time at which un-registration closes is specified in the tournament lobby of each tournament, and may vary from event to event. Players who have won their seats through a satellite may unregister if the event allows it; however, they will receive an entry ticket in exchange for their seat. Registration and un-registration times may vary between tournaments of different types. Not all tournaments allow un-registration – such tournaments will usually be denoted at the time of registration. Check the Tournament Lobby for the exact registration details for each tournament. We reserve the right to alter registration and un-registration times without prior notice.

Tournament Elimination Policy

A tournament ends when one player accumulates all the chips in play, or in some tournaments, when all remaining players will receive the same prize (for example, if the tournament awards 5 identical prizes, the tournament may end when there are 5 players left).

If two or more players are eliminated on the same hand, a player with more chips at the start of the hand finishes higher than a player with fewer chips. If all players started the hand with an identical number of chips, all players tie for that rank, and any prizes due to those players will be equally distributed between them.

As players are eliminated from the tournament, the software will “break” tables to fill available empty seats. The re-seating of players at broken tables is performed randomly and, although rare, may result in a player having to post multiple big blinds in a row. On occasion, the software may balance tables to ensure all tables have an equal (or as close to equal as possible) number of active players. Players moved individually to balance tables will, when possible, be moved to similar positions relative to the blinds. When enough players have been eliminated, all players are brought together at the ‘final table’.

Tournament Break Policy

The break schedule for a tournament can be found in the ‘Tournament Info’ dialog, which can be found in the tournament lobby. Players are encouraged to study the break schedule for each tournament they wish to play, as break length and timing may vary from one event to the next.

Tournaments will go on break after every hour’s play to be as synchronized as much as possible.

Tournament Disconnects and Sitting Out Policy

By participating in a tournament, our Members accept the risk of Internet disconnection, due to problems with the connection between their computer and the servers, lag or freeze or some other problem in the player’s computer or the Internet.

Breakout Poker does not accept any responsibility for a player disconnect except in the case of a server crash. While each user is responsible for his or her own Internet connection, we make an effort to protect players who are disconnected during the final stages of a real money tournament, by allowing extra time to reconnect.

If a player times out during a hand, whether connected or disconnected, his or her hand will be folded if facing action, or may be checked if facing no action.

If a player is not connected before a hand starts, he or she will be dealt cards, and a blind and/or antes will be posted. There is no rule against a single player choosing to sit out; the player doing so will continue to have blinds and antes posted and cards dealt. Two or more players may not make any agreement to sit out simultaneously, whether at the same table or different tables.

Chat Policy

Players, whether in the hand or not, may not discuss the hands until the action is complete. Players are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities is not allowed. A penalty may be given for discussion of hands during play.

Tournament Deal Making Policy

Deal making is allowed in tournaments, unless otherwise specified in the tournament lobby. If all remaining players in a tournament agree to a deal making, they should check the ‘Make A Deal’ box in the ‘Info’ tab of the Chat Box on the table. When all remaining players have checked this box, the table will automatically pause at the end of the current hand. Breakout Poker will distribute the remaining prizes based solely on chip counts. The rank will be decided by solely on chip counts. In case there are ties to chip counts, Breakout Poker will randomly select one player to be of higher rank.

Bounty Tournament Policy

In some specially designated tournaments, a bounty will be placed on some or all of the tournament participants. A player who eliminates such an opponent will add the bounty amount to himself. The bounty will be awarded once the player reaches the prize pool.

In the event that two players show identical winning hands and therefore split the pot, any bounty awarded will be divided equally between the winners. Odd cents will be awarded in turn to the players in the earliest positions.

Players may not make any agreement amongst themselves to eliminate a particular player in order to claim their bounty award. Such agreements are considered collusion, and are grounds for disqualification from the tournament or other penalties.

Table Etiquette

The normal courtesies extended at traditional Poker tables are also expected at our Poker tables. Please see the list below for Breakout Poker’s etiquette guidelines:

  1. Intimidation or harassment of other players at the table will not be tolerated.
  2. Congratulating a winning player is always seen favourably.
  3. Do not engage in “shouting matches” with other players at the table.
  4. Lagging is a natural occurrence on the Internet. As it is unavoidable, please be polite when notifying a player who is lagging.

Prize Award Policy

Breakout Poker reserves the right (at any time) to modify the prizes available for a tournament. Further, Breakout Poker reserves the right to award a monetary prize in equal or greater value as the main prize in place of the main prize, at its sole discretion. The value of the main prize shall be determined on the basis of its actual value and not any potential value or prize receivable as a consequence of the main prize.

Please Note: Players will not receive fractions of a cent. In all instances where a player’s winnings include a fraction of a cent, Breakout Poker will round down such player’s winnings to the nearest cent. So, for example if you win $4.096, you will receive $4.09.

Rat Holing Policy

In order to give all of our players equal winning opportunities, rat holing is forbidden at Breakout Poker (except for All-in or Fold game which allows remove chips function). Rat holing is defined as the act of leaving a ring game with winnings and then returning to the same game with less money than you initially left with. Jackpot winnings do not apply to this policy.

When returning to a ring game at Breakout Poker, players must buy-in with an amount equal to or higher than the amount they originally left the table with. The only exception is if a member leaves the table with an amount that is higher than the table’s maximum limit. In this case, the member can return to the table with the exact same amount that he left with.

GGNetwork Rules

Breakout Poker adheres to all the rules by GGNetwork, and all of our users also should be aware of GGNetwork rules and adhere to it. You can find the full version of GGNetwork Rules here.