BRK - Breakout Coin

BRK (Breakout Coin)
Uniquely Designed for Gaming

BRK is digital money called cryptocurrency that has many advantages over traditional “fiat” currencies such as USD or Euros. It is fast and nearly free to transfer to anyone in the world. Since BRK is traded on the open market and the total supply is limited, the more people that use Breakout Coin the higher its value.

Using BRK to play poker has many advantages.

  1. Deposits & withdrawals that are fast and cheap. Take control of your funds.
  2. Play in special BRK only live games and tournaments
  3. Play in USD tables using BRK. Conversion happens instantly.
  4. Be an early adopter and follow the price of BRK while away from the tables
  5. Transfer BRK amongst friends without arbitrary limits.


Where do I store my BRK?
You can maintain a balance at our poker cashier or withdraw it to your personal Breakout Wallet. You can download a wallet here. You can use this wallet to send, receive and securely store BRK.

Where can I buy BRK?
BRK is traded 24 hours at the following exchanges:

Where can I found out more about BRK?
For more in depth overview of Breakout Coin visit